Grainger Design veröffentlicht Pläne für Raku 32

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Die neuen Pläne für die Raku 32. Die Pressemeldung am Ende des Beitrags.





Frustrated in the search for a cruiser that has enough pizazz to make you want to get out of bed in the morning? Raku 32 is on a mission to break down the barriers between a cruiser and a high performance day sailing cat. We’ve set out to create the kind of boat that helps you to remember what got you inpired to take up sailing in the first place.


The inspiration for Raku 32 came from Martin Vanzulli who held the vision of a compact coastal cruiser that could comfortably handle the shallow and sometimes choppy waters of the Rio de la Plata, but also deliver on the fun factor. Martin published the initial design (then called the Grainger 30) in Cat Sailing News in January 2018 and since then we’ve worked to refine the layout and functionalities of the design. The change from 30′ to 32′ LOA is a story on it’s own that you can see on our web site


Raku 32 has inherited a host of design features from our race boats and larger cruising cats. There’s 1.6m of headroom under the cabin top and 1.8m below in the hulls.

She features 650mm of wing clearance, a generous payload, streamlined bows for for low windage and easy wave penetration. Raku 32 has an open saloon with space for two queen size double berths and seats large enough for a couple of single berths. There’s another single berth below in the forward cabin and another ocassional berth aft. There’s a galley, a nav station and a fully enclosed bathroom, all with full standing headroom. When you’re not on board the saloon is easily closed off with washboards that stow in the seats


Materials and Construction

We’ve teamed up wtih two leading composites companies to make Raku 32 available in kit form using their state of the art DuFlex panels in combination with West System resins, Diab’s PVC cores and a range of fabrics in glass and carbon.


DuFlex kits and composite materials will be available world wide from ATL Composites in Australia and VDL Compostites in Germany. Plans and detailed building instructions will be provided by Grainger Designs. CE compliant engineering will be available with the plans.


Over the coming months we’ll be working with marine professionals in various countries to provide a range of moulded components and professional services to complement the kits and allow Raku owners to start their project at the basic kit stage or order a professionally finished boat ready to sail.


Contact Grainger Designs for detailed specifications, pricing and availability.